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About Us

Hey! We're the team behind Open Dev Net, a group of developers passionate about developing open-source software and building a community of developers. Thus, we decided to create Open Dev Net, a social platform for developers to collaborate, find new opportunities, and streamline workflows.


The Problem

Currently, platforms exist for developers to connect, but they are typically closed-source and proprietary. Being closed-source means the code is not available for the public to view, which is a problem because the community cannot audit the platform; therefore, it can lack empirical privacy, security, and overall trust of the community. It also means that the platform cannot be self-hosted or modified.

The Solution

We plan to solve this problem by creating an open-source, privacy-oriented, secure, and trustworthy platform for developers. As the platform is specifically designed for developers, it includes new features not currently implemented on other social platforms. At the same time, we are also building a community of developers to help build and improve the platform.

Technical Details

Open Source

As mentioned above, Open Dev Net is open-source, meaning the app is open for the public to view and audit. This also means that the app is free to use and modify. We believe that open-source is the future of software development and want to be a part of that future.

If you're interested in contributing to the project, check out our Contributing Guidelines. If you're interested in officially joining the team, email at [email protected].

Technology Stack

Open Dev Net is built with the MERN stack: MongoDB, Express, React (Next.js), and Node.js. We chose this stack because it is very popular, flexible, scalable, and familiar to many web developers. Some auxiliary technologies include TypeScript, TailwindCSS, and Redux. This stack is bound to change as we continue to develop the platform.


Open Dev Net and most of its related code is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, meaning you can use, modify, and distribute the code for non-commercial purposes with attribution.